Meet our Franchise family

All our franchisees have their own story to tell, and we’re really proud of each and every one of them. They all share a passion for music, and as they deliver our quality pre-school sessions, they help to nurture a lifelong love of music in all the little ones they teach.  What could be more rewarding? Hear their stories for yourself.

Marion Johnston – Cumbria

Why I love my Rhythm Time

I am a Rhythm Time Mum! I attended Rhythm Time classes with my two sons, Isaac and Ross in Cheshire. I knew from the first session that this was the career for me. So when we moved back home to the Lakes in 2002, I brought Rhythm Time with me.

My voice was trained from the age of 10. I regularly attended music festivals and later took part in amateur operatic productions. I then rediscovered singing through my children. Through Rhythm Time I realised music was a very important and fun part of early learning.

I thoroughly enjoy watching the children develop. The excitement over a huge piece of orange Lycra! Watching a baby concentrate on falling bubbles as they listen to mummy sing. A toddler playing a lollipop drum….. in time! Hearing the mums on their way out singing. Tears from a proud mum (and me) on ‘graduation’ day. These are just a few aspects of running Rhythm Time classes, which make the job so worthwhile and genuinely rewarding. Each week brings something new. This is definitely something I’d recommend to anyone!

Frances Donkin – Cheshire

Why I love my Rhythm Time

I’m proud to be the first Rhythm Time franchisee!. I was previously a Secretarial Tutor, but gave this up in 1992 to start a family. I always enjoyed playing the piano and also sang in a local choir, so when I took my children to Rhythm Time, I could see straightaway the quality and benefits of the classes. Kathy then recruited me as a teacher! When we relocated to Cheshire, I was offered the first ever Rhythm Time franchise and I jumped at the chance!

I love working for myself and running my own business. I have a team of excellent teachers and assistants to help me deliver my classes. I work very hard, but the financial rewards make a difference to our household income and lifestyle.

Kathy and Brendan (the Franchisors) work tirelessly to keep Rhythm Time fresh and up-to-date and keep my business relevant in today’s market. Training is excellent, and screencasts are available on our internal website which provides 24/7 access. The dedicated team at head office offers excellent support

Initially, I chose this career as it worked brilliantly around my family – now they’ve grown up, it still gives me an enormous buzz! What do I enjoy most? The flexibility of being my own boss and the job satisfaction.

Rachel Turner – Warwickshire

Why I love my Rhythm Time

I first experienced Rhythm Time as a mum at classes with my baby son in 2010 and still attend pre-school classes with my daughter which she absolutely loves!

I was working as a waste management consultant in Birmingham in a quiet office with engineers and lots of reports. When the opportunity to become a Rhythm Time assistant became available I jumped at the chance – it’s such a joyful job.

Then I trained as a Rhythm Time teacher and knew I could lead the classes with my enthusiasm and musical background (I played the piano and trumpet and also attended dance lessons for most of my childhood up to the age of 15).

When the previous franchisee retired, it seemed natural for me to take over the franchise – I teach the lessons which I love and I’m building up a really successful business, supported by an experienced and highly recognised company.

I absolutely love teaching Rhythm Time classes – there are so many developmental benefits for the children as they progress through the classes.

Fiona Haining – Aberdeen

Why I love my Rhythm Time

Music was a big part of my life as a child. I played piano, sang in choirs and studied music courses all through school. I was part of many musical productions and loved them all. At university I did a degree in Psychology and focused on child development. However, when I graduated I was unsure which career path to take and simply settled for an admin role in the NHS, which I did for 10 years.

After my son was born though, I needed a career that I could really be passionate about and would fit around my family. I found Rhythm Time online and immediately loved the whole philosophy behind it. I instinctively knew it was for me! Each session was well thought out and I knew I would be proud to provide them for parents in my area!

I started my Rhythm Time franchise in 2012 and have never looked back! I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else. I love my job and can take and collect my son from school each day. I was nervous about starting my own business but by buying a franchise, I new that I had a tried and tested business model and lots of guidance. The support from Rhythm Time HQ is phenomenal! My franchise is geographically far from all the others but yet I never feel on my own.

Claire Robertson – Tyne & Wear

Why I love my Rhythm Time

I was a primary teacher going back to work part-time after my maternity leave. Even though I was working part-time, it actually felt more like full-time. I was spending two hours a day in traffic getting to and from work and I started to feel very stressed. I always loved teaching in the class and working with the children but found that gradually I was spending more and more time doing paperwork and I was having to do lots of extra hours of work at home in the evening.

This had a knock-on affect and I started to feel guilty and miserable as I was spending less and less time with my young daughter. It became apparent to me that continuing to work as a primary school teacher meant that I wouldn’t be able to have a good work life balance. So I felt I needed to make some changes.

When I heard about the Rhythm Time franchise and after seeing the classes and meeting the owners, I knew it was something I would really enjoy. It was a new challenge where I would still be teaching and working with little children, but without all the bureaucracy. I would be working with lovely people who really wanted to be there and I could pick my own hours and fit them around my family.

Since I started my Rhythm Time franchise, I’ve felt much less stressed and I’m able to spend more time with my daughter which is fantastic. When I’m at work, I’m in a friendly, relaxed environment and I love working with all the parents and children. Seeing the little ones progress and grow through the Rhythm Time program is a joy. Don’t get me wrong, I still work hard, but I’m now much happier.

Financially, it’s also worked out well and I find it a very rewarding business to run. Taking the plunge and giving up my job has worked out really well for me and my family and I have no regrets whatsoever.

Are you ready to start your Rhythm Time journey?